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Sewage tank emptying and pumping stations

Sewage tanks: septic tank and cesspool emptying

If you have a septic tank or cesspool at your premises, you need to be aware that it needs to be emptied on a regular basis. Most empties are done on a yearly basis (as recommended by The Environment Agency). This can help reduce the risk of overflowing tanks, blockages, soak-away problems and sometimes smells!

Often sewage systems need emptying more frequently as there could be problems associated with soakaway systems etc.

Private drainage systems i.e. septic tanks, cesspools etc, are commonly found in rural areas that can often be hard to reach. However Andersons Waste Management Ltd have various size vehicles to accommodate most domestic properties.

We offer a fast, friendly, professional and reliable service for customers who depend on our services to help with problems associated with private drainage. Some customers simply need advice from the experts in domestic sewage collections and sewage systems.

We can set up your specific dates of emptying required and call you a week prior to our visit, i.e. yearly or 6-monthly empties on our special reminder scheme.

We can also take group or neighbourly bookings, contact us for more information.

Pump chamber emptying

Pump chambers / pump stations are often used where waste from a building cannot reach a main sewer sometimes due to gravity or insufficient falls of the drainage. As a result, the waste is directed to a central point; a pumping station or wet well.

The station is generally lower than the sewer system, thus a pump is required to direct the waste up towards the main sewer system. Regular emptying/cleaning ensures the systems continue working. Our combination tanker jetters are able to remove the waste and clean the tanks using high pressure water jetters.

On some occasions pumps may fail so urgent emptying is needed, we can arrange this and also help with pump replacement.





For sewage tank and pumping stations emptying, contact
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